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Philip Woodhouse.

I grew up on a small holding. With my parents being keen working dog enthusiasts I was surrounded by dogs all through my early life. 
In 2010 me ,my wife Linzi and our 4 children decided to try life for 1 year in Lanzarote after closing our construction business in the UK due to the pressure of the recession.
Shortly after arriving in the Canarys (as if meant to be )I found what appeared to be a Spaniel Puppy about 3 weeks old scurrying around the village where we lived . I took the puppy to the SARA Kennels where we were informed that he was a Podenco and that he was likely to have been dumped rather than lost.
I took him home and Scooby-Doo became a member of the family
Me, Linzi and the children decided to return home to the uk but steer clear of the construction industry to open a Pet Shop.
Scoob was left behind to do his quarantine which was 6 month at the time and we flew out to visit him on a regular basis and decided to re-home 2 more Podenco's from SARA Rescue Lanzarote with Support from Rick & Lesley B

Found                                            Resting

Posing                                                            Loving Life
              In Sara Lanzarote                  Up to mischief in the UK         Still can't be trusted off lead lol
Shortly after we opened our shop it was clear there was a huge problem with the Pet Food Industry Even we could not find a dry dog food that our own dogs would eat and that was healthy with Hi Meat Content.
Many of our customers spoke of the same issues.
Something needed to be done and my idea was to create a company ,a recipe and a label which dealt with 
the problems with the Dry Pet Food Industry 

Moorlands Pet Foods Ltd was born.
We approached a manufacturer with the most state of the art technology and who had just installed a piece of equipment that had capabilities of producing up to 50% meat levels with the inclusion of using Fresh Meat this was a first in the UK industry and Moorlands wanted to be the first to produce "The Absolute Best" Nutritionally balanced and easy to understand dry dog food.
We hired a team of canine Nutritionists to work with us to come up with the "Absolute Best Recipe" and our batch of kibble was finally made 

The Front of our bag !
It went on the shelf in our pet shop and didn't stay there long and within 3 weeks our first batch was SOLD OUT!
For the first time since running the pet store I witnessed customers stopping to read the label ,fully understanding it and purchasing it without questions.
The high meat levels and the exclusion of marketing herbs and spices included in most other brands to make the food sound appealing to the consumer we think!  made it more palatable and so with dogs loving it Moorlands Pet Foods was off the ground.
The success of our first recipe has enabled us to develop a range of recipes for different life stages and the honest simple approach has kept our customers and dogs happy and loyal to our brand.
Moving Forward
As supporting dogs in need is a passion of ours Moorlands Pet Foods offers a lifetime subsidy to those who have re-homed ,rescued or currently fostering a dog. This helps towards the cost of feeding the best possible quality food a dog deserves. A proportion of our profits are set aside from our sales to make this possible.for more information on our rescue scheme you can email us at .We are currently supporting Dogue De Bordeaux Welfare amongst many more.
Our long term plan is for the opening of "The Moorlands Dog Sanctuary" and by supporting Moorlands Pet Foods this will happen sooner rather than later.
For a free sample please call 01922 405691 or email and allow 2-3 days for delivery
Phil Woodhouse
Founder and Managing Director
Moorlands Pet Foods Ltd
"The Absolute Best"